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In compliance with the strategies of Building Up the SME Start-up Incubation Platform ,sponsored by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration from Ministry of Economic Affairs ,and in the Ministry of Education’s spirit of sustainable growth and development ,Nation Central University established the Innovation & Incubation Center in April of 1999 , providing the industry with innovative technology research and development ,while serving prospective SMEs to take part in industry-academic collaboration ,enterprise incubation and customized employee training. In order to enhance the performance in industry-academia collaboration and proceed onward with cross-discipline resource compilation ,the Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration (CAIC) was founded in 2017. With missions to promote and apply NCU’s research capacity to the industry ,advance in industrialization ,and foster startup business ,the CAIC works closely with industrial instructors and professional business administrators to share their experiences ,advise on do and don’ts ,as well as providing guidance on business planning.

The Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration is supported by NCU’s ample R&D resources ,excellent faculty members from various fields ,and strategic business alliances. Together ,they cooperate on industry-academia matchmaking ,technology transferring ,intellectual property planning ,new venture & incubation ,and business marketing. Their dedicated efforts in incubation services and deep-seeding cultivation will link the industry while driving technology innovation and enhancing industrial competitiveness. In the future ,the CAIC will continue to thrive on top-of-the-line talent scout event as their operating mission. Furthermore ,they will always be one step ahead and striving for the impossible ,and “service with integrity and consideration ,meeting the highest quality” as their team motto.

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